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Name: Kate
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Sign: Scorpio
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Height: 5'10"

Interests/Hobbies/Likes: Film, Optimism, Crew, DJing, Sports, Guys!, Breakdancing, Shopping, John Cusack, summer, Polos, American Eagle, The Stock Market, Politics, Telling Jokes, Sketch Comedy.

Dislikes: Pessimists, Druggies, anyone who feels sorry for themselves, Math, Homework, Not being able to drive, Pretense, being apart from my friends, winter, when my opinions aren't heard.

Strengths: Uber-Confidence, Athletic ability, Humor, Personality, Breakdancing skills, independence, wit, and of course, optimism.

Weaknesses: I'm a Slacker, so; Homework, putting things off, and not being able to step down in a debate.

Current Job [if any]: Working at Subway.

Dream Job: Either a director or a history teacher. Or an Advertising executive.

Subject: History and Gym.
Color: Orange.
Animal: Owl.
Sport: Crew [but I love 4-square].
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper.
Food: French Fries.
Season: Autumn.
Song: "Over my Head" -The Fray

Top 3--
Movies: The Gleaners and I, Heathers, and While you were sleeping.
TV Shows [aside from Degrassi]: Radio Free Roscoe, Kids in the hall, and SNL.
Bands/Singers: Bon Jovi, Elkland, and Reverie Sound Revue.
Books: "Paradise Lost" by John Milton, "Company" by Max Berry, and "Ella Mino Pea".
Celebs: John Cusack, Desmond Harrington, and Maura Tierney.

If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color [natural or unnatural] What Would It Be?: I'm a red head, and proud of it.
Would You Rather Eat Or Sleep?: Sleep.
Do You Consider Yourself Stylish?: Fairly. Comfort still plays into it.
Are You Artistic?: Not really.
Are You An Indoors Or An Outdoors Person?: Outdoors. Like at the Beach or sailing.
What's Your Favorite Article of Clothing Or Accessory?: Probably my AE jeans with my polo.
Pick One Of The Main Characters From Each Of These Shows/Movies That You Relate To--
[it doesn't matter what gender of character you pick]
[if you've never watched the show/movie, just say so]
Saved By The Bell: Never Watched.
Gilmore Girls: Never Watched.
Charmed: Maybe Alyssa Milono's Character.
Smallville: Never Watched.
Daria: Quinn, but I have a brain.
Kill Bill: Never Watched.
The Lord of the Rings [any of them]: Never watched.
Harry Potter [any of them]: Ron, I'm always cracking jokes.
X-men: Never watched.
Star Wars [any of them]: Never watched.

Anything else?: I can definately relate to Lily from RFR, and maybe a little to Abby from O* Grady.

Please Attach 2 or More Pictures: I don't have a digital camera! I am about 5'10", average sized [more on the slim side, I guess], red hair, Tanned skin that's normally white as a ghost, Blue eyes, Sharp Cheekbones, and I have a pretty casual style. It's definately more classy then goth or punk, and veers a little towards preppy.

Thanks guys!
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I'm gonna say... Emma
Emma, most definitely.
Emma definintely.