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Name: Lauren
Age: 18
Sex: F
Sign: Aries
Eyes: hazel
Hair: dirty- blonde
Height: 5'4''

Interests/Hobbies/Likes: playing video games, watching anime, sewing, drawing, writing, gymnastics, hanging out with friends and family, playing the trumpet, flute, and piano, dolphins, turtles, penguins, vacation, summer, shopping, holidays, Japanese stuff, Riku from Kingdom Hearts and Squall from FFVIII
Dislikes: school, getting up early, scorpions, bees, wasps, spiders, work, liars, backstabbers
Strengths: intelligence, kind, good listener
Weaknesses: somewhat pessimistic, shy, naive, klutzy, clueless, hyper,competitive
Current Job [if any]: resteraunt
Dream Job: Marine Biologist, character/ landscape designer/animator for Square Enix

Subject: Science, Band
Color: Blue, purple, green
Animal: dolphin, penguin, turtle
Sport: gymnastics, tennis, swimming
Drink: water
Food: macaroni and cheese, potatoes
Season: spring
Song: Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch) Behind These Hazel Eyes (Kelly Clarkson)

Top 3--
TV Shows [aside from Degrassi]:
Bands/Singers: Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson, A Perfect Cirle, Linkin Park, Nobuo Uematsu
Books: I don't really read anything but manga (anime) books and magazines
Celebs: Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman
Cities To Visit: New York City, Chicago, Orlando (cities) Japan, Greece, Rome, China, Australia, the Amazon (places)

If You Could Dye Your Hair Any Color [natural or unnatural] What Would It Be? brown with blonde streaks, dark brown (almost black), dark red, or (for fun) hot pink
Would You Rather Eat Or Sleep? hmm hard one- but probably sleep would override eating
Do You Consider Yourself Stylish? not really
Are You Artistic? yes
Are You An Indoors Or An Outdoors Person? no
What's Your Favorite Article of Clothing Or Accessory? my wedding yuna (final fantasy X) dress

Pick One Of The Main Characters From Each Of These Shows/Movies That You Relate To--
[it doesn't matter what gender of character you pick]
[if you've never watched the show/movie, just say so]
Saved By The Bell: never saw
Gilmore Girls: watched too long ago
Charmed: watched too long ago
Smallville: haven't watched enough to choose
Daria: haven't watched enough to choose
Kill Bill: never saw
The Lord of the Rings [any of them]: I can't choose
Harry Potter [any of them]: probably Hermione- I am definately a person dedicated to school (not that I really enjoy schoolwork though...)
X-men: never saw
Star Wars [any of them] never saw

Anything else? not really

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